How much is CCNA exam in Nigeria?

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How much is CCNA exam in Nigeria is a question always on CCNA candidates mind.  In this section I will explain all you need to know about the registration of CCNA  300-201 EXAM. I will tell you how much the new ccna exam cost in Nigeria and how to go about it. Just stay with me here.

First, let me clear some fact about CCNA exam in Nigeria, It is not like Jamb and WAEC. Ok! Done . So do not think you can go to a center and take your exam like them lot.

Secondly, CCNA exam in Nigeria has no specific date for the exam , You would have to schedule the exam yourself and take the exam online at your home. I created a full video on how to register for the ccna exam in Nigeria. You can check the new section of this website or send us an email


How to register for CCNA exam in Nigeria.

Many people want to know this after finding out how much ccna exam cost in Nigeria. Watch the video below to show you how to register for CCNA exam in Nigeria. 

Now , you know how to resgiter for ccna exam in nigeria.

How much is ccna exam in Nigeria

From the video above, As at today May 19 2020., Cisco exam in Nigeria cost N89,900 . I think the price reduced from other years.  

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