Take your IT certification exam from your home

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i will explain how ease it has become to take any IT certification exam from your home. Because of COVID-19, these exam bodies have made it very easy to do these things online.

First we need to understand that the body who is fully responsible for online exams is called VUE PROCTORED. You will register your exam with them and then go ahead to sit for the exam online. I will show you the different steps below.

Step 1. Decide on the exam you wish to take ( Most popular these days are CCNA, CCNP , ITILV4, PMP and many others) For the purpose of this video, i will explain with CCNA. however note that the steps are the same.

Step 2. Register at VUE This is the exam body you will be sitting your exam with . for example – to write jamb you need to register with school XYZ for example. Now to write CCNA you need to register with VUE. ( Understand ? – i guess so) . Now you have an account with them go to step 3.

Step 3. Now you have registered at VUE, it is time to schedule your exam. instead of typing here , i decided to make a video for you all. Now watch the video below. The exam i explained with is CCNA but its same thing for other certifications.

Now you have learnt all you can – These are the few steps to take any IT exam from the comfort of your home. its simple and its easy. 

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